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Frequently asked questions about pricing:

How much does a Leafletdrop campaign cost?

For distribution only, the price is for distributing your leaflets to your chosen target households. For print and distribution, you get an all-inclusive price for printing, transporting and distributing your leaflets to your target households.

What is the total cost if I only require distribution?

You can select the option 'I will organise my own print' on the first four drop-down boxes on the calculator and select your chosen volume which will then show the distribution only cost.

Are the volumes in the drop down menu the only options?

No, these are examples only. Your exact number will be based on your selections within the targeting tool and can be any amount from 7,500 up to 1 million households.

Will the price on the calculator compared to my final order change?

The per Item cost displayed is rounded to a decimal place and it is the total cost displayed that would be charged when an order is processed excluding VAT.

How can I pay for my leaflet campaign online?

Leafletdrop uses Worldpay which accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express payments. You can also apply for a credit account. Visit our FAQs page to find out more.

Do you have a designer and how much does this cost?

Yes, we have professional designers on hand to help with all aspects of your leaflet design like making your call to action and offers compelling, increasing the impact on the doormat. Prices start from £200.