Leaflet Targeting

The key to any leaflet advertising campaign is ensuring that you reach the right people, at the right time and with the right message - targeting your intended demographic who are receptive to your service offering is critical.

Leafletdrop have many years’ experience in cost-effective leaflet targeting and we have developed our own easy to use targeting tool that allows you to select your target audience based on: -

    • Location - postal areas and radius
    • Household ages
    • Household income

Once you have provided your intended target audience data, our software will refine the postal areas and return statistics to show which areas have the highest density of your intended demographic. Heat maps show which are the optimal locations to target for leaflet distribution.

Leaflet targting tool

Combine accurate targeting data with local leaflet distribution, and the potential to reach your ideal demographic is very much enhanced. Talk to our team today on 01628 816611 and let Leafletdrop identify which areas in the UK you should focus your leaflet advertising campaigns.